Table and Chair set


Anaya Decor is the leading company which has been engaged in providing the beautiful and decorative table and chair set to make your surroundings enchanting. We are engaged in producing outdoor sets for your balcony and gardens. However, it can be equally beautiful at indoors. We have patio seating which initiates in making your garden or balcony eye catching. It can make you look and feel lavish while you sip a coffee or tea, eat your breakfast or lunch and casually enjoy the sunset or a company. These table and chair set can make your life enhanced and beautiful every single day.

The furnishing of our chair and table set is light weighted and it can easily be moved. We make our material eco-friendly as the furnishing of the product includes weather proof. It can stand tall in any kind of weather. To protect it from the rain, we’ve made it colourfast which means that the colours can’t be fade very easily. The set will stand unharmed in front of the sun too because we make it UV light resistant. So, our table and chair set has no fear of weather. We made the glassed tables which many people find attractive. So, we keep in mind to make the safety glasses for our tables. Our chairs are comfortable which can relax you the moment you sit and we make the cushions washable to make it easy for our customers. We give the finish to our set with hand woven synthetic rattan to make it look attractive. This product cannot be easily broken. In short, we keep the safety and convenience for our customers by making the high quality table and chair set. These kinds of decorative furnishing can bewitch the souls with beauty and provides the extreme comfort level.